Sunday, June 4, 2017

Letters/St patricks day/JD's 33 birthday

 Kenedi was the star student and this was the cute note from her teacher.  Now i'm wondering where Macy's note is??
 Kenedi's school work!  Make sure you read what she put at the top haha

 Post cards from my parents

 Cale got himself dressed haha!  It was too good

 Playing around outside!  Macy LOVED getting jumped so high
 Then JD had to show off some of his moves
 ST PATRICKS DAY!  The leprechauns came and left us some rainbow finger paint, sidewalk chalk, and pot of gold candy
 The kids made the best leprechaun traps ever!  I wish I would have taken a picture of them before dangit!

 Our traditional dinner.  Shepherds pie, fruit kabobs, corn, and old fashioned sodas!

 JD's birthday poster!! JD turned 33 this year and the girls really wanted to make him another candy bar poster!  We kept it super simple and just grilled at home and got him an ice cream cake!

 I love this man so much!
 I tried a new bread recipe and so far it is the only actual loaf of bread that came out right!!  I absolutely love it!
 Quinn loves to play around in the sink while i'm doing stuff.  It keeps her busy really well, but she loves to dump cups full of water over the edge!
 These two are always on top of their daddy!

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