Sunday, June 4, 2017

Legos and stuff

 I have tried to get Cale to play with legos forever!  I realized though that instead of shoving a box of legos in his face and expecting him to do something with them, I needed to play with him too! So we sat down and made a few fun things
 A car...
 And an Aligator!  He actually did keep playing for quite awhile after!
 And now some random pictures...Quinns bedhead
 And her cute little smirk
 Quinn is always trying to involve herself in what the kids are doing, so she just plops herself right up on the table like this everyday and destroys all their stuff haha
 We made tin foil dinners outside in our fire pit
 Macy set up the cutest breakfast for us!  It was so sweet!

 And she wrote me a poem
 Cale made some handprint shamrocks

 Kenedi did a research paper on Walt Disney and had to make  poster for it.  I think she did a pretty good job!
 Quinn on the table again haha
 I made a really yummy cobbler and I want to make it again!  So good!

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