Sunday, June 4, 2017


 We decided to head to Utah for Easter!  My Mom has the best holiday parties and since we can't come back in the summer cause of the new baby we decided to just go for it.
Dyeing the eggs is always so fun!

 My Mom and her little bunny grandkids!
 A few of the games were... the easter egg balance game.  They had to run across the lawn with their egg on a spoon and not let it drop
 Then the adults had to try it, and believe it or not I actually won this one haha!
 There was a carrot at the bottom of these nylons and they had to use their hands to get it with no help from their other hand.  Make sense?
 Celisa and Quinn were little buddies the whole time

 Cale decided to put his nylons on and jiggy hahaha

 The peep tower!  How many peeps can you stack in one minute??
 The awesome pom pom battle!  Whoever has less pom poms on their side wins!
 A memory game!  I need to make one of these, my Mom has had this board since I was in primary!

 Easter morning!!! Kenedi found her basket right away

 Macy was pretty quick too

 Not sure where Cales easter basket was, but he did get this superman shirt and started using his "heat vision" hahaha

 This was the best I could get of all my kids in their outfits.  oh brother
 Girl cousins
 We had to fight to get this picture!  Gosh the kids were just not having it with pictures this morning
 Celisas family, always ready for a picture
 The magic makers! my parents are so amazing!
 All the siblings
 Love them!

 After church!  Celisa jumped with all the kids forever before they all had to leave.
 I finally got some pics of our finished eggs.  I always love them!

Easter was so wonderful!  I am so happy we could go celebrate with our family.

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