Sunday, June 4, 2017

Caught up!

 Okay I am finally caught up with this old blog! There's a lot of little things I didn't get to because I had put it all off for so long, but I realized just how much I LOVE having these things documented.  Anyways, the picture above is the cutest lesson ever that Kenedi helped Cale put together about the creation! It was the cutest thing!
Below is a picture of Cale in the tub, his eyes looked so cool this day and I tried so so hard to capture it but I just couldn't do it justice. They were SO blue!
 Macy made some things to sell at her Easter shop she set up in my room.  It melted me, she did so good.

 Cale worked on his handwriting.  I asked him what words he wanted to write, I would write them, then he would copy it.
 He also really loves this math game
 Painting!  I thought it was so cute how he would collect his paintbrushes in his little apron

 Quinn likes to play cooking while I cook.  Just like all the others did!
 In her huge pajamas trying to help her Dad out of the car
 Cale caught a frog in the backyard and made him a little home.  It was so adorable and he was so proud but we did have to let the poor little frog go before it died haha!

 The girls also made an awesome little home for their snails they caught.  I was so impressed, they worked on this for a really long time.

 Finding the kids while they were making these little houses made me tear up!  I try so hard to keep the TV off and help our kids use their imaginations and play with their toys and it does not come easy at our house for some reason.  Most of the time their toys are never touched and they just spend the day following me around, which is fine I just wish they would play a little more and just be kids! So when I saw them outside it just made me so happy!

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  1. I love all your updated posts! You have such a cute family.
    And tell your mom & dad hi for me.