Monday, March 20, 2017

Tree trimming party (and christmas)

 Our annual tree trimming party! We threw this together pretty last minute so it wasn't as happy as it usually is, but we got the tree decorated and wrote our letters to Santa!

I did grab a few new snowflake ornaments and the kids got to choose their ornament of course so our tree was kind of random.  I'm trying to talk JD into putting a real tree upstairs and make that the kids tree, but he's a hard sell so we'll see :)
The kids wrote their letters to Santa!  I remember taking a picture of their lists but can't find it now darnit.

I'm cramming a lot of our christmas things into this post because i'm trying to catch up!  But we did make our gingerbread houses and this is probably at the top of my list for favorite tradition!  So much fun!

I love how they turned out!

Then of course I always make gingerbread and candy cane playdough!  This still keeps all of the kids busy for HOURS!!  And it smells so good!

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