Sunday, March 19, 2017

Halloween 2016

I am fully aware that it is march and i'm just now posting about halloween, still trying to catch up! This was such a fun halloween!  Cale had a little halloween parade during joy school and it was the cutest!

This was at the ward trunk or treat which was probably the best one we've ever been to!
 Random picture of us at the "pumpkin patch".  These pumpkins were so expensive so we actually ended up walking away and went to walmart haha
 Finally halloween day!
 We had a bunch of people over and did a mummy race, I had a few other games out, and we ate a lot of food!
 Then we went trick or treating and our neighborhood was just like it was when we were kids!  So many kids were out and everyone was dressed up!  It was amazing!
 I was a witch and JD spent a small fortune on his scary costume that he's been waiting for years to get haha
 Macy was Mal from the movie "the descendants"
 Cale was supposed to be a police man but changed his mind and wanted to be captain america again
 Quinn was my little black cat
 And Kenedi was a unicorn!

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