Thursday, January 26, 2017

Some halloween activities

 These are some of our very favorite traditions.  ^^^ q-tip skeletons (or any cute preschool halloween craft)
We always need to add a random picture of the baby just to prove she was there for all of this.
 My favorite things are the trader joes haunted gingerbread houses.  I buy them every year and we decorate!
 I was helping Cale with his.

 Macy almost ate all the candy instead of using it to decorate haha

 the finished products!

 I've also made pumpkin butter the last few years, and I realized it's really good but none of us really eat it after the first crepe so I might just forget this little tradition.

A little treat the kids made after school
 Making feet ghost

 And of course carving pumpkins!

 It's always so fun when we get to light these babies up at night

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