Friday, January 2, 2015

Macy's 5th Birthday

 We got to celebrate sweet little Macy turning 5!  She asked for a Doc McStuffins cake with a cherry on top!  Okay Macy!
 We had her party down at Celisa's house because we were also celebrating my Dad's birthday!  It's so fun they have their birthdays so close together!
 She was SO SO excited about her party! She had been asking for DAYS when she could open her presents.  We tried to tell her that it's not important how many presents you get, and to remember everyone there who loves you! Let me tell you that it is really hard to get that through a 5 year olds head haha!

 Finally present time!!!
 These two crack me up! I love them together!
 The Jones came down to celebrate with us, they are so awesome!
 Oh my baby girl!  She is so fun and sweet!
 Birthday kids!
 The best part of the night was this moment!  All of my siblings together for just an hour before Tara had to leave for the airport. I love them all so much!
On her real birthday, we went up to Logan to spend Christmas with my family.  Macy chose Wendy's for her birthday lunch so everyone met us there!

Macy is sure a sassy, spunky little lady.  One moment she is super helpful, and the next she is talking back and letting you know what she thinks haha, and I love that about her!
She loves the swings
She loves Doc Mcstuffins (we got her a Doc McStuffins doctor kit that she had been asking for for 2 years!)
She is super playful, and hops everywhere
She loves to help me cook
Her favorite food is Spaghetti and meatballs
She is learning how to read and doing very well
She is very social and pretty flirtatious with the boys on the playground
She is a mama's girl :)
We love, love this girl so much! She brings so much joy and happiness to our home! Happy Birthday Macy, we LOVE you!

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