Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hello Summer!

" What time is it? Summer time, it's our vacation!"  "Schools out SCREAM AND SHOUT!"   The day we have been waiting and waiting for!  SUMMER VACATION!! 
Kenedi took some flowers to her teacher Mrs. Hazen!  We really lucked out in the teacher dept.  Mrs. Hazen did an amazing job and Kenedi absolutely loved her!
 After school Macy and I threw a little Hello Summer party!  Yup I said Macy, couldn't have done it without her!
 We stamped popcorn bags...
 put out the juice...(we never ever buy this so my kids were pretty excited)
 filled water balloons, lots of them...
 and decorated with popsicles!
 Kenedi's closest friends came over after school on Friday and boy was it fun having them over to celebrate with us!
 Hallie, Anna, Macy, Chloe, Kenedi, and Isaac

 My little beach babes, sunglasses and all!
 A few things we are looking forward to this summer...
the lake (every weekend)
Michigan to see our cousins
lunches with daddy
drive in movies
sleeping in
and of course our big cross country move

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