Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fishin at the farm!

 One of our good friends Polly grew up on this gorgeous farm, and her grandfather BUILT this lake! It was about an hour and a half drive south of us, and it was worth every minute of it!  Seriously it was absolutely amazing!
 Here is Polly helping Macy catch her fish!
 Cale was a little hesitant to touch the fish at first, but by the end he was trying to walk around with them like they were his pets!
 When Polly first cast out her line, the hook barely caught onto Macy's head.  Macy cried and bled just a little bit, but luckily it wasn't anything to be super worried about! 
 Cales job was to get the worms for everyone!  Another pet :)

 We had such great luck as far as the fish go!  We never went a full 5 minutes without someone catching one!

 Isn't this just GORGEOUS!

 Cale's first fish ever!  Hopefully the first of many!  He was pretty dang excited!

Look at that sky!!
 It was very nerve wrecking trying to keep an almost 2 year old from falling into the water!
 I adorable is this??

 Kenedi was in charge of the fish we caught, but by the end she was putting her own worms on her hook, casting, reeling, and catching TONS of fish all on her own!
 I can't take it!  This lake was just so beautiful and peaceful!  I wish so badly that I could raise my children in a place like this!  I really wish we could make it back here before our big move, but I'm not sure we will!  So, I will keep coming back to these pictures and just daydream about being here!

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