Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

This was the first Mothers Day I let myself enjoy!  I usually sit back and think about what I'm doing wrong, or where I can imrove as far as being a Mother.  But this year I told myself to just sit back and enjoy it!  Every Mother deserves to be celebrated because it's really really hard work, and we are all doing the best we can! My day started with some handmade gifts from my girls!  Kenedi made this paper basket and filled it with a few crafts from school, a necklace she made, a picture from Macy, a paper fan, and a book that Kenedi wrote and illustrated!  These gifts make my heart so so happy! 
I watched my favorite talk on motherhood while I was getting ready for church.  If you haven't heard this talk, you NEED to! 
 While I was getting ready, JD was downstairs making breakfast!  Waffles, bacon, and omelettes!
Cale came and gave me a flower that he and JD had dug up from outside, that was sweet!
 We went to church where the men took over primary for us and served us lunch during the third hour which was AWESOME!
We came home and snapped a few pictures before we headed over to the Jones for a corn hole tournament.  The sun was shining and hot and after this winter, getting sunburned made my mothers day just perfect!
I love how taking a picture is such a process with kids!  Takes quite a few to get a good one!

After the tournament we came home and made dinner!  JD got stung by a bee, and we finished the day with a walk (my favorite family activity).  Such a wonderful day! 
I am so amazed everyday by my family!  You have no idea the capacity you have to love until you have your own babies!  It is instant and grows and grows everyday!  Those long nights awake with newborns or  sick kids makes you love them even more and are always so worth the exhaustion the next day! I am so thankful children are so quick to forgive.  I make PLENTY of mistakes, but I hope they will always know that I love them more than anything, and that they are worth more to me than anything the world has to offer.  I love staying home with them and never have the desire to fill my days doing anything else!  I love my children, I love my husband, and I LOVE being a Mother!
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