Wednesday, April 30, 2014

St Patricks Day 2014

 This St. Patricks day was just as fun as all the others!  The kids woke up to a little leprechaun hunt!  the Leprechauns left cards for the kids with different exercises on them (do 10 pushups, skip down the hall, jog in place) that lead them to their treasure.  This year they got a rainbow in a jar, jellybeans in rainbow order in a mason jar!  I didn't get to take pictures because it was super dark outside, and I was working the video camera.  Oh well.  We ate fruity pebbles and green smoothies for breakfast. 
After we got the kids ready and Kenedi off to school, we got our favorite part of our dinner ready!  RAINBOW FRUIT SKEWERS! 
 Macy had a lot of fun with this!  She has always been my little kitchen helper!

 Fruit is so pretty! 
 I went and picked up our World Market Italian sodas (I just love that store!)
 Here we go!  Our Shepherds Pie, fruit skewers, pot of gold corn, and Irish soda bread muffins!

It was a super great day!  Lots of fun and cheesy stuff, just how the holidays should be!  And it will be for my kids forever and ever!

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