Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Macy turns 4!!

 This day was definitely a crazy one!  We drove in from Utah on Macy's birthday, but we had to run to the store to get a few gifts and groceries for this little lady's birthday celebration!  After we got all of that done, I made her macaroni and cheese (her request of course) for her special dinner and we had cake and ice cream!

 Macy wanted a rainbow birthday!  It was kind of funny, since her first birthday party was a rainbow party!

 Her rainbow cake (with a broken candle haha)

Macy got a Lambie, and a pinkalicious book from Cale and Kenedi, ponies and doll clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Petersen, an Anna doll, and a few other things that I can't remember!
I can't say enough about Macy at this age.  What a HOOT!  She is definitely the life of the party!  She loves to dress up, have tea parties, and read books!  She is the very best big sister to Cale, and is always willing to take a hit for Kenedi!  What a fun girl to be around!
Her favorite food is Pioneer Woman Macaroni and Cheese
Her favorite color is pink and purple
Her favorite game to play is Tea Party
Her favorite movie is My little pony
She likes to play, and joke around and is always being a goofball!
We love love Macy!

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