Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life Lately!

 The snow is finally starting to melt!  We went to the park to check out the river and see if it was still frozen!
The kids were pretty excited to be outside!

 Other little bits of life....Cale is quite the character.
 I let the girls watch my little pony on my phone.  They had never done this before so they thought it was so cool!
 Cale loves to brush his teeth!  He does it a few times a day!

 I made my first pecan pie!  It was so yummy, but next time I think i'll use my regular crust recipe, and put chocolate chips in it!
 The girls have been painting their own nails!

 Lots of reading!

 Kenedi made Cale an airplane out of a cardboard box!

 And left him the sweetest note!

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