Monday, September 16, 2013

Ohio, and a Visit!

 We made it to Ohio!  The movers came, and took all of our stuff away, we had awesome friends invite us over for dinner every night, and we enjoyed sleeping on the floor (and air mattress) for a few nights!  The drive went really well, the girls did great, Cale did okay!  It only took about 10 hours, and was fairly nice!  We got to drive through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia!  Can I just say that West Virginia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!  SO green!! 
When we got to our new house, we were able to unpack everything pretty quickly mostly because we actually have room for everything!  We didn't have to cram stuff into all the corners of our house!  It is so nice and spacious! 
Just after we got unpacked, my parents were helping my brother Brian move to Michigan which is only 4 hours away from us!  So, they came and stayed with us for a few days! 
We started the day off with pizza, cornhole, and a movie night with the kiddos! 

 I have the best parents!!  My Mom wore this crown the girls made her forever!

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