Monday, September 16, 2013

Kirtland Ohio!

The best thing about living in Ohio is that Kirtland is only 10 minutes away from us!  It is so cool to take tours and learn more about our Mormon history!  I just love it!  We have been through 3 tours of Kirtland, and 1 tour of the Kirtland temple!  It's beautiful! 
This is the inside of the Newel K. Whitney store!  Lots of amazing things happened here, including the start of the Bishops storehouse, the translation of some of the Doctrine and Covenants, and the school of the prophets where Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and others in the school!  So powerful!  It's awesome hearing about the Whitney family also!  They were such faithful members of the church, and were very successful, but gave all they had to the church and they were so blessed! 

This is the room where Joseph Smith received many revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants! 
This table was actually Joseph Smiths!
This floor is also the original flooring! So cool!
The school of the prophets!  Such a special room!  Up to 25 grown men met here for hours at a time, and Christ appeared to them in this room!  What would that even be like??? 

This is where Joseph and Emma stayed when they lived with the Whitney family! 
Just across the street there is the actual home of Newel K. Whitney!  I want to get more pictures of the inside of this house.  This is my favorite place in Kirtland!  Such incredible examples and I only hope to have a home like this where people can feel welcome, and loved!  You can really feel it here as they are telling us all about the Whitney family!  This is also where they started having their sacrament meetings! 
The mill!  This is where they chopped and carved wood for the temple! 

Me and my Mom!
After the tour, everyone went inside to watch a movie (which is really good, but Macy cries in it because of the men being mean of Joseph Smith).  Cale and I hung out outside so everyone else could actually pay attention to the movie!
Another one of the cute homes in Kirtland.  Most of the Senior and Sister missionaries live in these old homes!

The Johnson Inn.  This is where visitors would come and stay!  It's now a visitors center type building where you can watch short videos on the temple and look up names of ancestors, stuff like that. 
I want to go back again and get more detailed photos of a few things, but for now here's what I have.  It's hard to play photographer when you have a 15 month old climbing all over you! 

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