Sunday, September 15, 2013

Downtown Greenville!

 JD went out to Ohio for the big house hunting trip, I was planning on going but the friends we had lined up to babysit weren't able to do it that weekend, so instead they offered to take our kids for the day so JD and I could go do whatever we wanted!  Of course we went to my favorite place here in Greenville, DOWNTOWN!!  This place is beautiful and has such a fun vibe! Tons of restaurants and little shops, its just fun!  Plus, I wanted to take some pictures so I would always remember it!  I am really sad to leave South Carolina! 
They have a few cool sculptures lining the streets, i'm not very artsy but they are pretty cool! 
 Falls Park! 

 My handsome date!

 Sadly, we just discovered this fun candy shop this trip!  The girls would have loved this, but don't worry we picked out a few things for them!
After we had lunch at our favorite, Fords!  Yummy southern food!  Then we went to the movie RIPD (dumb), but it was really great to be together, just the two of us!  That just doesn't happen very often! 

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