Sunday, June 23, 2013

Easter 2013!!

 Holidays are getting more and more fun as the kids get older!  Of course painting eggs is always the best way to kick off Easter!


 The girls were so excited to find their baskets!  It was fun watching them help eachother! 

 They each got scripture bags (made by me, and ya they knew that) clothes for their babies, quiet books, nail polish, lip gloss, and candy!!! 

 Cale got a few new cars, some skinny ties (made by me), some baby food!  But mostly he just liked the grass!!

 Afterwards we had our easter feast!!  JK, we had church so we settled for our Costco muffins and eggs, then had dinner over at the Powells.  I was a little sad that I didn't get to eat my big Easter dinner on my cute table, but oh well it was fun!! 

 I downloaded these cute Easter tags from the Small Fry blog! 
Tired Daddy!! 

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