Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cale is 6 Months!!

Yup, that;s right!  6 months old already! 

Cale is sure growing up!  I always feel like the next 6 months really fly by and before I know it, he'll be a year!  This is what's been going on with little Cale...
He is sitting up now with a little help
We tried making homemade rice cereal, it was easy, but didn't keep in the fridge very well, it had little taste so Cale didn't like it very much and it got lumpy so we will stick with the boxed cereals for now!!
He got his first bottom first teeth, and loves to use them!! 
He started waking up a lot at night.  I'm guessing it's the teething and I hope it stops soon! 
I am going to treasure these next few months, I feel like they are so grown up when they're one! :)

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