Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kenedi's Creations

 Kenedi colors...all the time!  It makes me happy!  We have her drawings, painting, and crafts all over the walls by our beds, on my furniture in my bedroom, covering the fridge, stuffed behind the rocking chair in her room, and we'll find some rolls of paper under our beds from time to time!  I feel terrible throwing them away, but we cannot keep them all!!  I decided the best thing to do would be to take pictures of her pictures so that way we can look back and see her progression, but make it easier to throw them away :)  Here are a few of my favorites...
I just thought this was so cool!  Well done!  She drew it for her friend Emma in Rexburg!
 About a month ago, I walked out onto the deck without shoes on and a nail got caught in my foot and left a nice, big hole on the ball of my foot!  This is a picture of my big owie! 
 I just love the noses!

 I LOVE the hair!  And the D in her name is backwards...I think thats cute!
 We had a friend invite us over to make some fun pictures with things they had collected from the beach!  Kenedi loves this one!  She's been wrapping the pictures she wants to give as presents in pipe cleaners! 
 A picture of apple picking, and one of her doing the splits!
 This is my very favorite one...she made JD a parachute!
 ...and a cape to go with his costume!
I just love her creativity!  I can't wait to see what else comes from this girl!

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