Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall for Greenville!

 I LOVE downtown Greenville!  It is beautiful and has tons of cute shops and yummy restaurants!  It has a beautiful park with waterfalls and grassy areas!  And, they always have fun, family friendly events going on! 
 On Saturday, we went up to visit the farmers market, and found out they were having their annual Fall for Greenville festival.  Tons of Greenvilles best restaurants gather downtown, you buy tickets and can go around and get samples of the food!  Yum!! 
 These tents went on for probably a mile!  There were SO many food choices!
 They also had live bands playing all day!
 The girls got pepperoni pizza! I had a tiny bite, i'm kind of a pizza snob! 
 JD got some yummy Hibachi something or other!  It had fried rice, shrimp, and some kind of sauce...his favorite things! 
 It really was so good!  He also found a Rodizio Grill tent and had to get some brazilian food! 

 I decided to be a little daring and try some indian food!  I have made green chicken curry, and naan at home before, but other than that, I have never tasted real, authentic indian food!  All I have to say is mmmmmmmm!!!  It was so delicious!  I also tasted Gelato for the first time...UGH!  The most wonderful thing I have ever tasted!

 We took a rest by this cute fountain to eat a little, and get the girls out of the stroller!

 Cale slept most of the time, but when he woke up he loved looking around!
 I was just waiting for Macy to fall into the fountain!  By the way, sometimes when your daughter is almost 5 years old, she thinks she's old enough to pick out all of her clothes!  I tried suggesting she wear some jeans, or a skirt instead of these comfy cozy sweat pants, but she insisted on these.  You pick your battles I guess...and so it begins! 
It was a great day, and i'm so happy we were able to run into this fun event!  Hopefully we can make it to a pumpkin patch soon! 

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