Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Mothers Day!!!

I remember when I was in Primary, I must have been 5 years old, the music teacher got up and started asking everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up. There were astronauts, baseball players, princesses, when she got to me, I said " A Mommy!" I don't ever remember wanting to be anything else. Those lucky days I got out of school for the dentist or whatever else, I remember running errands with my Mom afterwards and just thinking, "Oh, I can't wait until I can be a stay at home Mom and run errands with my kids." Then, after I moved out and started dental assisting school, the thought of going on to hygiene was always in the back of my mind. By the time JD and I got married, I knew that I just needed to focus on starting our family, and raising our children at home.
Although at times I do wish I would have gone to school, even just a little bit, and mostly for the example for my children, I knew all I wanted to do was to stay home with our beautiful children. School will come for me one day, but for now I absolutely love being a stay at home mother! I love waking up (after little sleep) to the sound "Momma" coming from the other room! Once I see their beautiful, smiling faces, I forget how tired I am. They are the only things that matter.
Being a mother is not always easy, my patience is tested everyday, I don't get more than 6 hours of sleep (my own fault), and often times I need to put my own wants aside for my children. Motherhood has its challenges, but I would never change what I do!! I love these girls so much! And they have taught me more about love, and life than anyone! I am crazy in love with their Daddy, and thank him also for giving me these adorable girlies, for supporting my decision to stay home 100 %, and for loving me so much!! I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day!!!
Oh, and JD made me breakfast, cleaned up, and got me my amazing camera!! A Nikon D3000!! You'll be seeing way more pictures from me now!!

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