Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bear World!!!

They have this really cool place up here that we have been really excited to try out! Bear World! They have all sorts of cool animals you can see! You have to stay in your car (obviously) but it was so much fun!! Kenedi looking for some Elk!

Macy looking at an Elk!

These are some rare white elk! I thought they were really cool!

The bears were so close! The grizzlies were fenced in, but the other ones were free to roam around!

This cute bear was just sitting in the road!

Dad, Kenedi, and Drew (practically a brother, and Kenedi's new prince charming!)

I about died when I saw these little cubs!! They are so so stinkin cute!!! They were just messing around and playing and I could have watched them all day!!

Kenedi got the nerve to pet the baby cub!

Macy wanted to touch everything!! These poor goats, they put up with some pretty rough kids!

The fattest pig i've ever seen!

And Macy trying to ride it!

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