Monday, April 18, 2011

More Proud Parent Moments!!

I LOVE my family!!
Oh my goodness!!! This was such a great day!! Kenedi's very first Dance Recital!!! Kenedi has been in dance for about 4 months and has loved every minute of it!! She has way cute girls in her class, and her teachers are great with her!! Here's the pretty girl waiting for the recital to start!
Cute Macy!

Here's Kenedi doing her princess walk out to her spot! It's so funny, the only thing she has had a hard time grasping is the following. Her entire class will be out there, and she will sit there until someone tells her she needs to go out! (sorry about the pictures. If you get to far away with our camera, it does this)
Still walking!
Her first position!

Dancing her little heart out!

And the sweet trophy she got!! We were proud parents! She kept a smile on the whole time, was very calm, and just had a blast! JD and I both got kind of teary eyed! This is a big grown up step for her!! She did SO GOOD!! She loves it, and we will definitely keep her going!!


  1. Hooray for Kenedi! I wish we could have been at the recital. Can't wait to see the video.

  2. How Cute!!! That is so fun! Also, how cool that Macy is on the packaging for JJ cole! That is so fun! What cute talented daughters you have!

  3. FUN!! I want to put Taelin in a dancing class. I bet that Kenedi is a PRO!