Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amazing Easter Weekend!

We had such a fun time in Logan with my family! Saturday was a busy day, first we woke up... We hurried and got ready so we could go see my little brother run in his track meet!! He is the top runner at his school so its always exciting to go watch him run his races! (he's the third one in on the right side)

WOOHOO!!!! He smoked everyone!

Kadrynn (with something huge in her mouth), Kenedi, and Melynn!

My parents put together a little easter egg hunt in their back yard! The kids LOVED it!

My Mom had a special egg for each grand child, so they had to look for the one with their name on it! This is Haylee with her egg!


My older brother with Macy! Brian is getting deployed this summer so we are so happy we got to spend some time with him before he leaves! We'll miss him!

My beautiful Mother!!!

My Mom is such a great Grandma!!

What a gorgeous hunk!!

The girlies checking out their eggs!

Mom and Dad!! They are such great people! I love them!

We jumped on the trampoline for awhile!


For dinner we roasted hot dogs in the fire pit! I ate my first hot dog in probably 15 years!!

It got pretty cold outside!

My handsome nephew Schaefer!

We ended the day with painting eggs! Kenedi and Schaefer were the only ones awake to do it, but it was still fun!!

And of course we had to have a treat!! My Mom made us some yummy fondue!!

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