Friday, March 18, 2011

Our St. Patricks Day!!

The girls woke up to a trail of shamrocks leading to their "Pot of Gold" They went too fast so I couldn't snap a picture!
Our Lucky Charm breakfast!! Those tricky leprechauns turned our milk green too!!


The girls green outfits!! (Kenedi also had green on her tights)

Our Rainbow Lunch!!
This was such a fun day!!! I LOVE holidays!! The girls were really excited about their pot of gold and their lucky charms!! We also went to story time at the library and they read books about leprechauns and did a fun craft! We came home and had our rainbow lunch (it took Kenedi forever to eat this lunch, she is going through a phase where she doesn't like healthy food). We played with our rainbow rice, and stickers. Our friends invited us over to their house for an irish dinner. She made cabbage soup and corned beef for us! It was really good, I had never had it before so it was fun! We ended the day with Daddy's basketball game!! It was such a good day, and that night Kenedi was helping me say a prayer and wanted me to pray that the easter bunny would come that night. It was funny!!!

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  1. you always have such cute holiday ideas! Your little girls are so cute!