Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are going CRAZY!!!

Baking soda and vinegar makes a volcano!!
Food coloring in water!

Cornstarch and water! It makes this cool goopy stuff, but it does make a huge mess!!
This weather is really getting to us!! Everyday Kenedi asks " When will the snow go away? I want to go to the playground!" I looked up some more fun projects for us to do and the cornstarch and water kept Kenedi busy for an hour!!!
We have a few more fun sayings that have come from little miss Kenedi....
Macy and Kenedi were dancing to the keyboard music and we took Macy to change her diaper, so Kenedi went and turned the music off and stormed off. I said " aren't you going to dance?" she said " I will NEVER dance again!!!"
When she goes potty she gets excited and says " YAY! My bum works!!"
One night in bed she was screaming so I went in and told her I was going to take away her toy (she usually sleeps with a toy) if she didn't stop screaming. She said "I'm not screaming" I said "Yes you are, you are screaming your head off!" she got this panicked look on her face, grabbed her head and said " aah! Is it coming off?!"
Kenedi was singing in the toy room, I can't remember exactly what happened, but she was laying on the floor and wouldn't sing anymore. I asked her if she would sing a song for me, and she said " I can't sing again because i'm dead!"
As you can tell we have a pretty dramatic girl on our hands!!


  1. I always love reading the funny things Kenedi says. They make me laugh. SHe is such a cute little girl!

  2. CUTE! I love Kenedi! I she makes me smile! I should try some of your indoor projects with my kids. I would have to make sure that we do it on cleaning day!!! :) Thanks for the fun read!

  3. Oh, Kenedi ... what a nut! Good job for writing her cute comments down for posterity. By the way, she all of a sudden looks way older in these photos. Love you.