Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just a couple of Goofballs!!

They were just doing this funny thing with their pears one morning at breakfast! I thought it was funny!
These two girls just make us giggle all the time!! Here are a few things they have said and done lately....
One day I was in the kitchen and I heard from the living room "These projections are really strong!"
That same day I also heard..." My folloction is ridiculous!" (I have no idea what a folloction is)
In Nursery she saw that someone had drawn on a table with crayons. She looked at her teacher and asked "What happened to the table?" teacher said "Looks like someone drew on it." Kenedi says " I think it was the children."
Whenever Macy crawls into the living room Kenedi yells " Mom, Macy's touching the TV!!" even though she is nowhere near the TV.
I guess I was bugging her one day when she was pooping and she looked at me and said "Mom, can you just go find something on your computer?"
She calls Macy sweetheart, and Babe all the time.
I wish I could recite her scripture reading but, she says a lot of made up words, and they are really long! She likes us to recite them back to her just like we make her do in our family reading. It's so cute!
She can read the entire book of Pinkalicious by herself! She seriously almost has it word for word.
Can say Book (ook), Toy (oy), Mamma, Dadda, Cup (tup), Tub (Bub), Please( ease), and Grandpa (Bupagugu) so cute!
She can't resist a good tune! Every time we turn on any kind of music she starts to dance. She does the cutest little shimmy!!
She can walk along the couch now, but will drop to the floor if you try to get her to walk by herself.
She still loves to make messes and refuses to play with her toys!
She always has a smile on her face!
She gets REALLY loud when we get to stores. She points, and yells at everything she wants, which is everything!

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  1. Your girls are so darling. Every time I see them I hope that I have a little girl some day as cute as yours!