Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Haha! Heather kept getting mad because I would take the picture as soon as she put food in her mouth!

I love this guy!!

I just had to post this picture! Macy just LOVES Shad!

When all the kids came out in their PJ's they were so excited because Santa brought them all the same ones!

My Brudda, and my Hubs!

I did a countdown for the kids! Each bag had something fun for new years! They obviously didn't make it till midnight so we started opening the bags around 7:30 and just did one every 20 minutes. It was fun!

"8" We decorated some party hats!

"9" They got some glow necklaces! You can't tell, but it was glowing!

"10" We played with glittery playdough!

Kenedi got so into it! She kept everything on!
I forgot to take pictures of "11" but they were the little things you blow and the paper rolls out (that doesn't make sense, but try)

"12" They each got a puzzle to put together!
My brother Brian and his family came up this weekend! It was awesome to have them here for New Years!! We ate lots of fun food, and played with some fun stuff! After the kiddos went to bed, we started the movie "Inception". It was pretty fun. I wish we had cable so we could have watched the countdown in New York...hhhaaaaa someday!!!! On New Years Day, we went bowling at Fat Cats and then just hung out! It's been awesome having them here!! I have a ton of New Years resolutions that i'm sure will keep me busy! I'm looking forward to this new year and all the fun things we will experience. I'm excited to see where life takes us! Happy New Year!!!


  1. We have LOVED hanging out with you guys! It's been so much fun and I love watching all the cute kids playing!!! Happy 2011!!!!!!

  2. I love the cute countdown activities! You are always such a fun mom!

  3. You have the best ideas! I am so jealous of you! I want to be just like you when I am a mom! ;)