Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Fun Tea Party!

Yummy food!!

I love using music for decorating!! This is just a music sheet banner!

I got so lucky and found a tea pot at DI!! When I got it, it was dark blue with a snowman on it. I really wanted it yellow so I tried to spray paint it and it looked even worse!! So, I just Mod Podged some scrapbook paper into it! I totally love how it turned out! Kenedi has named it "Mrs. Tea"

Our Princess waiting for her guests to arrive!

Such beautiful girls!

I know Kenedi will treasure this picture forever!! She LOVES Cinderella!!

Kenedi, Shey, Savannah, and Payton!

Kenedi had so much fun drinking out of her tea cup!
I have this friend in my ward that was nice enough to come over to our house for a fun tea party!! Kenedi absolutely ADORES Shey, and to add on to that, Shey happens to have a Cinderella dress!! The first time Kenedi saw "Cinderella" was at the ward Halloween party. She was so smitten by Cinderella and Prince Charming and has been talking about them almost everyday since! Every time we curl her hair we are "curling my hair just like Shey!" and every time we dress up "Now Cinderella and Prince Charming are going to come have a tea party with me!!"
I told Shey all of the funny things Kenedi has been saying so she suggested we really have a tea party!! I love a good party so of course I said yes!! Shey brought her sister Savannah, and her cousin Payton over with her! We had so much fun! Kenedi was really shy the whole time and hardly ate anything, but as soon as they left she was scarfing down, and telling me all about her new friends!
We loved it, and I can't thank those girls enough for coming over and making Kenedi's dream come true!


  1. SO cute. It was SO fun to come! Everything looked so cute. You are such a great Mom. It was fun to be a little girl for a little bit. Let's do it again!!

  2. i'm glad you wore my christmas sweater for your tea party!! Makes me smile... :)

  3. That is SO cute! I love how Kenedi loves Shey. And your teapot is super super adorable. I need to hang out with you more; maybe you'll rub off :)