Sunday, August 6, 2017

Photo shoots, babies, and flowers

 We have all been taking our turns with this sweet baby of ours.  It's so cute to see these older kids with these little babies.  I am so lucky that they are such big helpers and am terrified for them to head back to school because I don't know how i'll cook dinner or shower without them to hold a baby or keep Quinn busy haha

 My friend came over and did a little photo shoot but I grabbed the kids afterwards to get a cute picture of all the kids together.
 And then a few of Beck alone

 I always love their tiny little fingers and toes

 Then JD joined Beck and Cale wanted to tackle and JD was laying down so he took advantage of it.
 And while I was at it I got some pictures of my big boy because he is so darn handsome

 This was the day Beck turned one month old! I was so good about monthly pictures with Cale but that was it with all the kids haha.

 Little stinker has learned to climb onto the counters

 One of my very favorite things on the planet is flowers! JD is not much of a romantic so I very rarely ever have any fresh ones at home unless I splurge and just get them for myself haha which again is very rare.  But the other day JD totally surprised me and walked in with my very favorite flowers and ice cream!  They are so gorgeous and make my whole house smell like a whole foods store haha

 Little baby bath
 Another cookie picture of Quinn because i'm trying to get as many pics with those flowers as I can!

Fourth of July 2017

 The kids woke up bright and early and went to our ward breakfast with my parents and JD.  It sounded so fun, they got their faces painted, ate fancy waffles, and played lots of games. I was so sad to miss it with them.
 But Beck and I partied at home

 Quinn took a nap while everyone else went swimming

 When they got home we grilled up some yummy steaks and corn on the cob.

 Played whiffle ball
 And ran through the sprinklers
 The kids made some mud

That night we went up the road and watched our neighbors fireworks.  My Mom was nice enough to stay home with Beck and Quinn so I could go.  It was so much fun!

Beckham Mark Thornock

 Boy what a crazy labor! Okay so here's how everything went.  I had Cholestasis of pregnancy which is where my liver doesn't release the bile salts like they should so the bile salts just build up and make you really itchy especially in the hands and feet. I had been on medication for about a month or so and it helped take away the itch for a little bit but then it all started to come back.  I was so tired, and pretty useless haha. We had to plan a c section for 3 weeks early because the cholestasis triples your chance of having a stillborn.
 Well, Beck decided to come 5 weeks early! I was sitting with my primary class and all of a sudden I had contractions come hard and a few minutes apart.  I text JD to let him know and told Heather I might need someone to come take over my class.  I ended up putting my feet up and eating a sucker hoping the contractions would go away.  After church we drove around looking at neighborhoods and I told JD we needed to go home because the driving was starting to hurt.
 I layed down on the bed, JD gave me a blessing and I tried to go to sleep.  The contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes so I decided to call the doctor.  He told me he wanted me to go in because of the cholestasis and get checked.  Lance and Heather came right over and I was in tears because I couldn't believe what was happening.  I got checked in and dressed.  At that point the contractions were every minute and were so hard and painful.  The nurses checked me and I was already dilated to a 6.  This was all so new to me because I am usually in labor for 3 days before going to the hospital, and I never dilate like that on my own! It was so bizarre.  When the doctor got there i didn't even want to talk.  The baby's heart rate was pretty low so they could tell he was in distress so the doctor said we need to get to the operation room right then.  They pulled me in and gave me my epidural and started with the c section. I later found out that there was meconium (? Poop) in the sack and Beck was very distressed.  I also had a uterin rupture and lost a lot of blood.  The doctors did so well I never even knew there was anything going on.  So I went into the hospital around 2:30 and Beck was here at 4:30!  Such a crazy whirlwind. He was 6 lbs 2 oz and 19 3/4 inches                        
 My parents had to hurry and change their flight so they could come, but they didn't get there until midnight the next day so the kids were with Lance and Heather for a couple nights and they loved it.
We were actually able to go home after just 2 days which I loved because I was so dang tired from everyone coming in in the middle of the night.
 My parents spoiled my kids rotten with swimming, sea world, new toys, and happy meals!
I didn't get nearly as many photos as I wanted to of his first weeks because i've had a really hard time recovering this time around.  I could barely move at all and when I did it was so painful! My feet also swelled up like CRAZY it was hilarious haha!  Beck has been a dream! He eats every 2 hours on the dot day or night.  He is passed around all day between me and Jd and the girls.

 Quinn isn't so sure about Beck yet.  She loves him, but I couldn't hold anything but him for the first month so she hated that and I think it made her mad at me and resent the baby.

We love love this sweet boy so much! He has really completed our family and we are so grateful that everything went okay and that Beck is healthy.