Thursday, December 22, 2016


 Just a favorite activity with the kiddos!  They love these fireworks, and it's helped keep the kids cool in the texas summer heat!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cales 4th birthday

 I seriously can't believe these are the only pictures I got from Cales birthday!  We just moved to Texas and things were so crazy, but we invited the browns, the haderlies, and the bransons and had ourselves a little party!
 I'm not sure why Cale thought we were singing too loud so he covered his ears haha

 We were so lucky to have my parents in town for the week to help us get the house back together.  It was so great to have them here.

Life Lately

 Here's a big post!  Just a few things I want to remember.  Kenedi started bringing snails home from school.  She would catch them at recess and stick them in her locker until the end of school then bring them home and make a habitat.  This is Nicholas.  She watched a whole snail care series in youtube and she took GREAT care if this little snail.
 We did end up having her let it go so we could move.

 My gorgeous mothers day flowers!

 Macy made this cute little flower for me at school.  We hung out at Celisa's house for dinner and had a grand ole time

 Not sure what this was ,but Cale was painting!

 We found these gorgeous peonies at trader joes and got them for Celisas birthday.

 Kenedi caught a snail for Macy too haha.

 We went to Schaefers track meet in Heber. These two are inseperable.

 Melynn and Kenedi were really into working out this day so they got everyone else on board.

 Kyle slept over and we made an apple tart.  It was fun and yummy

JD's graduation!

 The day we've been waiting for!! We started the day bright and early with a breakfast at the business school.
 All the MBA's coming in
 Macy, Presley, Kenedi, and Cale

 Here he goes....

 JD and Lance

 We had such a great turnout with our families!  It was so great to have so much support

 After the graduation we went ahead and tried to squeeze everyone into our tiny apartment for a luncheon.  Everyone pitched in and it all turned out great!  So crazy that this time is here! And next...TEXAS!

Quinn's six month photos

 These were taken a few months ago.  I was hoping to take them again without all the sun but i didn't have any time.  Oh well, they're still pretty cute

 I can't believe how big this little one is! She seriously makes us all so so happy!