Saturday, November 4, 2017

Halloween 2017

 Here are a few photos from our ward trunk or treat!  I've never decorated our trunk before but we just did a simple mouth haha.  It probably looked better without it haha!
Macy and her best friend Emma
 Kenedi with Isla and Miranda

 Macy and Emma took Quinn around to get candy and it was so adorable to watch!

 JD and I even dressed up! JD wanted to draw on his face so I told him to use my black eyeliner in my make up.  When I walked upstairs he was putting on my waterproof mascara all over his face haha!  And notice Cale crawling in the background?

This picture is actually from the kids trick or treating they had at their school.  It was so cute! 
Me and Beck were there too.  :) 
Alright, the real Halloween day! 
Quinn was Anna from Frozen

 Cale was a marine (thanks to Zack and Megan who sent him the costume)

 Macy was a classic witch

 Kenedi was a genie

 I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of Beck in his little skeleton costume, but he was asleep and we were rushed.
We had a bunch of our friends over for a halloween party 
 It was a pretty big, fun group! I kept trying to get pictures so we could really see how big it was.
 Quinn was so dang cute!

 I'm so sad I never did find time to get my own costume on, but it was so fun watching the kids play and trick or treat! We had so much food and they only played one of the games we had but they loved it.
This is what our upstairs looked like the next day.  The mummy races got  little out of hand haha! 

Such a great Halloween! It was so fun watching Quinn go trick or treating, and we have the best neighborhood where everyone really gets into it! The older kids just ran from door to door with their friends.  
One quick funny story...Just as everyone left to go trick or treating, Cale came running in the house saying he had to poop.  I told him to hurry and catch up with us.  Well, he destroyed our downstairs bathroom haha!  I had a friend over who just found out she's pregnant and she ended up coming home early because she wasn't feeling very well.  She told me she walked into the bathroom and totally threw up because of the smell!  I was so embarrassed and felt so bad!  Now we know to send our kids upstairs to go to the bathroom when we have people over haha! 

Pumpkin carving

 We whipped out our pumpkins about a week before Halloween.  The weather was looking awesome so I knew they wouldn't go bad before the big day.  JD was pretty sick so it was just the 4 of us carving away.

 While Kenedi and Cale cleaned out the pumpkins, Macy tried to save a butterflies life.

 Poor thing didn't make it but we tried!
 Quinn "helping" us out haha

 I don't do anything crazy with our pumpkins.  I usually just ask the kids what shapes they want and make it.

 See JD in the window??

Halloween food

 Because my world revolves around food haha! Here are a few fun things I made for the kiddos to help get excited for Halloween! Ghost in the Graveyard
 Breadstick bones

Mummy Dogs
 Candy corn parfaits
We also did this last cute little ghost craft. 


Baby Beckham

 I'm so obsessed with this baby!  I take a lot of pictures of him but thought I would just make one big post with some of them.

I have huge windows in my bedroom but if I take any photos in the morning they turn yellow and orange cause of the sun!

 That slobber!

 A good friend of ours gave him this adorable little church outfit.  I about died when he wore it!

 his smile melts me!

 The secret to getting him to smile!
 And Quinn is so sweet with him.  She helps give him his binky when he cries and likes to play with him.
 and love on him haha