Wednesday, May 16, 2018


 Quinn has been OBSESSED with coloring lately.  It's the cutest thing!  She just walks to our desk, grabs her paper and anything she can color with and will sit at the table forever!

 She usually just draws a bunch of teeny tiny circles haha

 And I just loved that she had her new rapunzel shoes and crown sitting at the table with her.  We just got rid of her binky so her prize was the shoes.  She loves them!

 I can't get enough of this little thing.  She is super spunky and very sassy! But SO MUCH FUN!!

Hair flips and cinco de mayo

 None of my kids got my curly hair, but every once in awhile we'll see a little flip and it's so cute!
 Sticker face!

 Beck got a little kiss from his sister.  She loves to wear lipstick haha
 One morning I was a little grumpy so JD made be a smiley face breakfast and it turned my whole day around!
 JD somehow got Quinn to fall asleep with him after church one day.  It was the cutest thing ever!

 And onto our cinco de mayo! I used to go all out on these holidays but it's been pretty low key the last few years.  But we threw together a yummy dinner and had ourselves some fun! We used this chicken taco recipe and we all loved them!

 And JD totally nailed the grilled corn! It was so good!

Monday, May 14, 2018

babies and stuff

 Is there anything cuter than babies in diapers??

 Cale got the superintendant student of the month and this is what his teacher had to say about him.  I love her!
 I picked up this swing from Sams club and it has been amazing!  Theres always someone on it!

 These two are so cute together!

 More diaper babies
 Kenedi was feeling sick one morning so Macy brought her breakfast in bed

 And then Cale did the same for JD haha

Easter 2018

Holy cow Easter was so fun this year! Heather and I threw together an easter egg hunt at the park (I don't have any pictures because my phone is completely out of storage).  We actually had a few kids come short and didn't get all their eggs and come to find out we never brought our bags of eggs out of the car!!!  That was 48 eggs! I felt so bad!
We dyed eggs on saturday in between conference sessions.  I really wanted to switch it up this year and paint our eggs but the kids insisted we dye them.  Quinn and Cale just loved everything about it! 

 My sweet baby boy!
 I remember watching him pick up his little toys and his tiny hands and feet were just killing me! 
 I don't know who took this but i'm so grateful!  I love when I get these candid photos of me with my babies.

 Our finished eggs!

 EASTER MORNING! The kids woke up around 7:30 and we watched a video about the resurrection then we sent them off to find their baskets and eggs! The girls got fairy houses and they played and played for days! 

 Cale got some Thor legos and he played for days and days
 Quinn got some paints and do a dot markers, and bubbles!
 Beck got some baby food

 We had the Browns over for dinner, and I really loved all the recipes I tried! Here is the salad recipe
 And also this coconut cake! It was to die for!! 
 I also really wanted to make the table extra special so I went and got some plants to put in the center. 

 The girls did the place settings
 I have really tried to incorporate more traditions from England and Denmark since that's where most of my family is from so I found these adorable egg cups to help me remember to do the egg rolling.  I've been meaning to do it for a couple years now but I kept forgetting haha.  So I knew I had to put them on my table so I wouldn't forget. 

I still have some pictures on my phone but it won't let me upload them for some reason. 
It was a really wonderful day and to make it even better it was conference.  We got to sustain a new prophet President Russel M Nelson.  It was absolutely amazing! What an amazing man we have leading us.  I hope my kids remember this day forever!