Thursday, January 26, 2017

Caramel apples

 I always feel like caramel apples deserve a post of their own because they're always so pretty! This is also a favorite tradition that we all really love doing!

 The next few photos were taken by Macy.  She kept setting everything up in the cutest ways haha.  It was adorable to watch
 I stirred this caramel for 3 hours!  It's so worth it though this caramel is so so good!  We even got some extras and put it in a pan the next day!
 Right in her happy place so cute

 We couldn't wait to dive into these puppies!  So so delicious!

Some halloween activities

 These are some of our very favorite traditions.  ^^^ q-tip skeletons (or any cute preschool halloween craft)
We always need to add a random picture of the baby just to prove she was there for all of this.
 My favorite things are the trader joes haunted gingerbread houses.  I buy them every year and we decorate!
 I was helping Cale with his.

 Macy almost ate all the candy instead of using it to decorate haha

 the finished products!

 I've also made pumpkin butter the last few years, and I realized it's really good but none of us really eat it after the first crepe so I might just forget this little tradition.

A little treat the kids made after school
 Making feet ghost

 And of course carving pumpkins!

 It's always so fun when we get to light these babies up at night

Quinns 1st birthday!

 Quinn's first birthday was pretty low key because we are still making friends around here! But we did invite the Browns, and the Andrews over and it turned out great!
 She was pretty ecstatic about balloons and cake!

 I am in serious denial that this has happened! Quinn makes everybody so happy! We all fight over who gets to get her out of her crib every time she wakes up.  She is so playful and so happy most of the time.  She really loves her Daddy and jumps to him when he gets home.  She is trying to figure out some words but still makes just cute baby sounds mostly.  She is an incredibly picky eater and throws most of her food on the ground.
We love you Quinn!

Cake, grades, and conference

 One of the many drawings (plans) for dinner.  I think this one was for our back to school feast.
I made this delicious cake.  It was so so good! And it helped it feel like fall when it's 100 degrees outside!

 Some of Kenedi's school work scores!  Macy's are the same, but she hides all her papers in her room before I can take pictures of them.
 We did our annual conference word game.  This has been a long time favorite for the kids.
 The girls gave us all pedicures while we were listening to conference
 JD gets ready for work like this everyday hahaha

 The girls put on a craft day for us.  I loved how they organized all the supplies

 The girls also put on a big championship (inspired by the olympics)
 It was a big deal!