Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cold Sunday

 This years winter has been insane!  We had a major snow storm here in TEXAS hahaha, and it's been pretty chilly ever since.  But i'm not complaining because we got to use our fireplace! We love it, especially Cale

3 candles lit...only 1 more to go!
 I found some authentic danish treats at trader joes so we gave them a try after FHE. 

 We all loved them! 
 Cute messy baby!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Playdough

 Cute naked babies! Quinn is so cute with Beck!
 Every year I make peppermint and gingerbread playdough and we love it!
 Quinn was the only one home so play, but we had a lot of fun!

Kenedi is 10!!

 This is blowing my mind!  We are now in the double digit ages!  I thought I would dread it, but this sweet girl makes it so fun!  Kenedi is such an amazing girl with so many talents.  She recently has fallen in love with baking so she wanted a baking birthday.  We kind of threw it all together but it turned out so great!
 Her new birthday shirt
 Her new bike that I thought she would HATE but actually LOVES!

 Beck got passed around the entire time haha

 They each partnered up and got to decorate a cake!

 It was so fun, and wierd.  This was the first party where i didn't have to entertain all the kids.  Kenedi and Macy were plenty of entertainment on their own hahaha. 

Happy Birthday Kenedi! You are such a great person and we are excited to watch you grow up! You make us proud!


 We started a few new traditions this year.  I really wanted to connect the dots between us and our danish heritage, so I searched for some cool norwegian christmas traditions and started a few in our own home!  One of them is an advent.  They have a wreath with 4 candles on it and they light a new candle every sunday leading up to christmas.  I don't have a wreath, but I did just buy this centerpiece from the Hearth and Hand line and it works great.  My kids look forward to this every sunday
 And then we did our usual gingerbread houses!  This year we got a little village so everyone could make their own.  It was so frustrating, all the little houses were falling apart so I definitely think we'll stick with the big ones. 

 See, Quinn is frustrated :)

And I have no idea why I don't have a picture of Cale, or even all the houses together, but what do you do hahaha

Decor and boys

 I had to improvise a little this year with our thanksgiving table cause I really didn't want to spend any money.  But I really liked how it turned out so I took some pictures to remember for next year!

 And Cale was so happy that I let him carry Beck around a little bit so I had to snap some pictures.  And, they are just so handsome!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

phone pictures

Just a nice big phone dump! I have a million photos on my phone and I love them! Just look at these cute babies!  Quinn didn't want to hold my hand on our way home from the park so she kept her hands on her little hips.  And Beck is the cutest

 Cale finished his flag football season so we celebrated at BIGZ.  He was just there for the snacks hahaha
 Beck started sucking on my hand and it knocked him right out!
 Quinn puttin my make up on

I wish I could remember all the funny things he was saying with these glasses on.  He thought he was the coolest thing haha

 Kenedi is in the choir at school and had her first performance for veterans day. 

 And she had some special visitors too!!
 We took the Andersons to the alamo and riverwalk
 The kids were so excited that they were here!

I really hate that I have to wake up Quinn so often.  Poor baby
 Cale got caught by his sisters haha
 The he fell asleep in an elf hat
 Quinn loves to read in bed
 JD and I had a little date night.  We did some christmas shopping and cute Beck fell asleep
 Youngest of five....haha