Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A few pics

 Saturday morning chores! Macy was really upset this day, but Cale went in and asked if he could help her clean her room! So sweet!
 Macy is so amazing with babies!

 Cale is a doofus haha
 I love when Quinn finds things to stand on so she can play the piano haha
 Typical school morning.  School lunches, me in my robe, and holding my babies!  I love this!
 Quinn dumped an insane amount of baby powder into her diaper box one day
 Happy baby Beck!
 Cale fully believes he's superman haha!
 JD has decided he's not going to cut his hair.  No idea how long this will last but he's gone 5 months so far. 
 Quinn and I made our melted crayon hearts for valentines day!

Baby pictures!

 I am so awful at taking pictures!!  right now my my phone is completely out of memory, and so is my SD card.  I got a little memory stick thinking it would be enough to get all the memory off of my phone, but it barely got any of it haha.  Enough for our Disney trip though! Which i'll post about next. 
Little Beck is growing so fast and it's breaking my heart!  But here are a few little snapshots of the two babies!

 He is always so smiley!  I just love him!

 He didn't learn to roll over until he turned 8 months old, but we are really enjoying him growing up slow haha!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Macys BAPTISM day!

 My parents came into town for Macy's baptism so we made them our new favorite aebleskivers! Macy put together the cute plate haha
This was the best picture from the morning hahaha

Here we go!!  Macy was laughing because her jumper was so big 

 Her cute face!
 We had a very big baptism with lots of girls so they turned on a movie about Christ.  Macy was last so these two got a little extra time to talk and get ready. 
 Macy's adorable new teachers came to support her.  It was so sweet and they are the BEST teachers. 

 All the girls who got baptized. 

 I'm so glad my parents made it to the baptism.  I know it made Macy feel so special!
 Beautiful girl!
After the baptism we met at our house and had a fun ice cream bar! 

All the guys that were in the circle.  

We are so happy for you Macy! We are so proud of you and are so happy we get to be your parents.  It was such a special day and I hope Macy remembers it forever! 

Baptism photos

 We took Macy to the temple and snapped some pictures for her baptism!
 You definitely don't have to tell this girl what to do for a picture haha!

 Gosh we love this sweet girl! I am so excited for her!