Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Christmas 2016

 Christmas Eve we went over to the Abrams house to play games and hang out.  It was so perfect and fun!
The kids did the nativity and i'm pretty sure we had all the parts covered (they have 10 kids and we have 4)
Afterwards we drove around to see some christmas lights, came home and opened our christmas jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Dingman.  We got the milk and cookies ready for Santa, carrots for the reindeer and headed off to bed!
 The kids didn't wake up till around 7 ( I was awake forever again haha!)  We had church at 9 so we needed to hurry.  They ran down to check out their piles and were so happy!  Christmas is so magical and fun!

 Quinn got the same nightgown as all the girl cousins!  It's still a little too big but hopefully by easter it will fit her!
 I love the Christmas mess!
 We had a quick sacrament meeting and came home, lounged around and played with new dolls, kindles, and remote control cars! I also got a huge surprise and got a new camera! I've been wanting one for years and I am so excited to learn how to use it!
 And quickly, for new years we went and had ourselves a bbq with the browns, hornbergers, andrews, knowles, and zous.  Then we headed over to the hornbergers so we could watch their neighbors insane firework show! It was so  loud so I stayed inside with Quinn, but it was so fun! Here's to a new year!

Girls birthdays 9 and 7!

 This years birthdays weren't too exciting.  I told the girls no parties this year and we would just do something with the family.  I took Kenedi out of school for her birthday lunch, then we let her choose a friend (Savannah Abrams) to take to dinner.  She chose Olive Garden.  Lance and Heather came over too for cake and ice cream!

Macy's birthday was fun cause she was home on break! She chose to eat at McDonalds for dinner and she got a brand new bike! 

I can't believe we have one more year and Kenedi hits the double digits, and Macy will be baptized! These girls are both so special! I hope next year I can make all their birthday dreams come true cause I just didn't have it in me to throw any parties this year!

Thanksgiving 2017

 Okay, i'm taking it back to Thanksgiving haha!  Gosh i'm so unorganized! Anyways, we were invited to some friends house for thanksgiving with a big group of people!  It was so fun! I loved everyone there, and all of our kids get along so well!
Caitlyn played with Quinn forever and Quinn was in heaven!
 A roundup of all the cooks!  I was in charge of rolls and green bean casserole.
 All of the crazy kids!  Such a good group!
 The day after thanksgiving we headed down to the beach! Why not when it's still so warm outside?
 I can't even remember the name of the beach we went to, but it was so relaxing and fun!
 We came with the Browns and the Zous
 Cale and Avery were digging holes and building sand castles off on their own
 Quinn ate so much sand I was seriously worried

 I'm lame and didnt want to get in the water, but JD went out quite a ways!
It was such a great, quick trip. and possibly a new tradition?

More catch up pics

 Quinn and Macy are way close! Macy is the one Quinn will go to if i'm not around and it's been that way since she was tiny!
Macy also surprised us with a special breakfast of M&M pancakes.  I guess they figure if they make it a "surprise" then i'll let them get away with all the sugar for breakfast haha.  They're right.
 This cute Santa told me to sneak a picture on my phone haha, thanks Santa!!
 These two are always fighting!  So, seeing them walk around the store holding hands and laughing made my year!!
 Quinn has discovered tutus!
 I got together with my friend Heather and we made a whole bunch of Christmas treats to deliver!
 Cales preschool christmas program
 I was in charge of decorations for the ward christmas party which meant I got to buy fresh flowers!
 Santa was at our ward party and poor Quinn!  JD made me take a picture with her crying because "everyone needs a picture of their kid crying on santas lap"
 The kids got to perform in our stake christmas concert! I loved it all so much!  They had quite a few choirs from different faiths perform and it was so good to hear everyone worship Christ!
 We had our bethlehem dinner which I swore we started last christmas, but JD said we did it at Easter haha.  I can't find any pictures to prove I was right, but i'm pretty sure it was at easter.  Oh well!

Both the girls got their ears pierced!  Kenedi has always been too terrified to get hers done, but Macy decided she was ready (I would normally make her wait until she was 8 but I was afraid neither of them would ever want to so I jumped on it as soon as she said she wanted to!  We literally jumped in the car and drove to claires within the hour)
 After watching Macy, Kenedi decided that she was brave enough too!  So, we waited till JD got home and we all went later that night haha!
 We went to see all the christmas lights down on the riverwalk
 Can you see the alamo back there?

 JD and I celebrated 10 YEARS!!  Can you even believe it?  We were able to get out for a really long date thanks to our good friends who offered to take the kids.  We got JD some new work clothes and went to a brazilian steakhouse.
 Kenedi has been writing on her school work haha!  We found a few little notes like this on her papers so I had to tell her she could write that stuff on a different piece of paper if she felt like she needed to get it out, but try not to write it on her actual work hahaha!
 Quinn tries rushing up to the front of the car to push buttons and it's so cute!
 Cale started drawing little people
 And he's working on his writing a little bit too!
 Quinns new favorite thing!  Luckily Cale is happy to do anything for her
 We watched some farm shows on you tube.  Cale has always loved farms
 We went to the zoo with some friends and Cale and Avery are getting quite close ;)