Sunday, June 4, 2017

Caught up!

 Okay I am finally caught up with this old blog! There's a lot of little things I didn't get to because I had put it all off for so long, but I realized just how much I LOVE having these things documented.  Anyways, the picture above is the cutest lesson ever that Kenedi helped Cale put together about the creation! It was the cutest thing!
Below is a picture of Cale in the tub, his eyes looked so cool this day and I tried so so hard to capture it but I just couldn't do it justice. They were SO blue!
 Macy made some things to sell at her Easter shop she set up in my room.  It melted me, she did so good.

 Cale worked on his handwriting.  I asked him what words he wanted to write, I would write them, then he would copy it.
 He also really loves this math game
 Painting!  I thought it was so cute how he would collect his paintbrushes in his little apron

 Quinn likes to play cooking while I cook.  Just like all the others did!
 In her huge pajamas trying to help her Dad out of the car
 Cale caught a frog in the backyard and made him a little home.  It was so adorable and he was so proud but we did have to let the poor little frog go before it died haha!

 The girls also made an awesome little home for their snails they caught.  I was so impressed, they worked on this for a really long time.

 Finding the kids while they were making these little houses made me tear up!  I try so hard to keep the TV off and help our kids use their imaginations and play with their toys and it does not come easy at our house for some reason.  Most of the time their toys are never touched and they just spend the day following me around, which is fine I just wish they would play a little more and just be kids! So when I saw them outside it just made me so happy!


 We decided to head to Utah for Easter!  My Mom has the best holiday parties and since we can't come back in the summer cause of the new baby we decided to just go for it.
Dyeing the eggs is always so fun!

 My Mom and her little bunny grandkids!
 A few of the games were... the easter egg balance game.  They had to run across the lawn with their egg on a spoon and not let it drop
 Then the adults had to try it, and believe it or not I actually won this one haha!
 There was a carrot at the bottom of these nylons and they had to use their hands to get it with no help from their other hand.  Make sense?
 Celisa and Quinn were little buddies the whole time

 Cale decided to put his nylons on and jiggy hahaha

 The peep tower!  How many peeps can you stack in one minute??
 The awesome pom pom battle!  Whoever has less pom poms on their side wins!
 A memory game!  I need to make one of these, my Mom has had this board since I was in primary!

 Easter morning!!! Kenedi found her basket right away

 Macy was pretty quick too

 Not sure where Cales easter basket was, but he did get this superman shirt and started using his "heat vision" hahaha

 This was the best I could get of all my kids in their outfits.  oh brother
 Girl cousins
 We had to fight to get this picture!  Gosh the kids were just not having it with pictures this morning
 Celisas family, always ready for a picture
 The magic makers! my parents are so amazing!
 All the siblings
 Love them!

 After church!  Celisa jumped with all the kids forever before they all had to leave.
 I finally got some pics of our finished eggs.  I always love them!

Easter was so wonderful!  I am so happy we could go celebrate with our family.

Letters/St patricks day/JD's 33 birthday

 Kenedi was the star student and this was the cute note from her teacher.  Now i'm wondering where Macy's note is??
 Kenedi's school work!  Make sure you read what she put at the top haha

 Post cards from my parents

 Cale got himself dressed haha!  It was too good

 Playing around outside!  Macy LOVED getting jumped so high
 Then JD had to show off some of his moves
 ST PATRICKS DAY!  The leprechauns came and left us some rainbow finger paint, sidewalk chalk, and pot of gold candy
 The kids made the best leprechaun traps ever!  I wish I would have taken a picture of them before dangit!

 Our traditional dinner.  Shepherds pie, fruit kabobs, corn, and old fashioned sodas!

 JD's birthday poster!! JD turned 33 this year and the girls really wanted to make him another candy bar poster!  We kept it super simple and just grilled at home and got him an ice cream cake!

 I love this man so much!
 I tried a new bread recipe and so far it is the only actual loaf of bread that came out right!!  I absolutely love it!
 Quinn loves to play around in the sink while i'm doing stuff.  It keeps her busy really well, but she loves to dump cups full of water over the edge!
 These two are always on top of their daddy!